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Vertical signs are an effective and yet stylish way to achieve marketing goals. Such signs can be used in a purely functional manner, such as to announce the opening of a new business, or can be used to brighten up an otherwise boring space. Thanks to the vertical design, these signs ensure they will be noticed.

While vertical signs do offer many benefits, it’s only possible to take advantage of those benefits if the sign is designed well. Below are some tips to help business owners ensure they have the best-looking vertical signs possible.

Select the Right Colors
Depending on the branding needs of the business, there may be some limitations regarding the colors used on a vertical sign. Whenever possible; however, it’s a good idea to utilize bright colors that will immediately draw the eyes of anyone passing by to the vertical format of the sign. Any graphics used on the sign should be in colors that complement the text.

Use High-Quality Images
Nothing destroys the effect of a sign more than with the use of a low-quality image. Even if everything else looks great on the sign, if the graphics are of low quality, the entire effect will be spoiled. Business owners who are unsure about the quality of an image should double-check it prior to submitting it for use on a sign.

Go Light on Text
It’s important to ensure that business owners communicate their desired messaging on a vertical sign; however, it’s also possible to go too heavy with text. The goal of a sign in any format is to quickly attract the attention of anyone who may be walking or driving by the sign. With that said, most people will only have a few seconds to read the information on the sign. If there is too much text on the sign, it’s virtually an assurance that most people will not read it. Consequently, the text should be kept to a minimum.

Avoid Chunks of Text
The vertical format of the sign means that paragraph-style chunks of text should be avoided. Instead, it’s better to use text that is slightly rotated or askew. This style will still attract attention without immediately turning off anyone who may try to read the sign quickly.

Business owners who still are not sure how to design a vertical sign so that it will receive the maximum amount of attention should not shy away from asking for professional advice. Doing so will ensure that the sign accomplishes all of the business’s marketing goals without looking too cluttered.