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Window graphics offer a vibrant way to not only attract the attention of new customers but also welcome repeat customers. Due to the fact that window graphics can include many different factors, it’s important to take several considerations in mind when designing window graphics.

What Kind of Window Graphic?
When choosing the right type of window graphics, businesses should consider two things. First, they should think about how they wish to attract customers. Second, they should think about the level of privacy they wish to maintain for the interior of their business. A frosted window graphic allows for greater levels of privacy. Opaque window graphics provide the benefit of completely blocking visibility. While opaque window graphics might not be the right choice for all businesses, they can be helpful in some circumstances, depending on the climate conditions.

Design Guidelines
When a business is part of a franchise or has specific brand guidelines, it’s important to keep those in mind when creating window graphics. Beyond maintaining consistency in terms of color matching and logos, it’s also important to think about how easily the text can be read on the graphic along with any images that are used. Consideration should be given to easy readability both up close to the window as well as from a distance away from the window.

Careful thought should also be given to the type of material used for the production of the window graphic. It’s crucial not to choose a material that will ultimately trap heat, as this can cause damage to the window. In a worst-case scenario, it can actually cause the window to shatter. The use of block-out materials can help to avoid this potential problem.

Businesses should also think about how long they want to keep up their window graphics. For short-term displays, static clings may be a good option. These types of window graphics can be installed as well as taken down with ease. Permanent adhesives should not be used for graphics that will only be displayed for a short period of time, as it will likely take a long time to remove the graphics.

Window graphics can typically be installed as either wet or dry. When window graphics are installed, it is crucial to ensure that the person installing the graphic has a solid understanding of the correct way to apply the window graphic. Incorrect application may cause damage to the graphic.