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Way-finding signs provide a way to let visitors, customers, and clients find their way around a facility. These types of signs can also provide answers to questions visitors might have. With the proper signage in place, visitors will not only be less likely to encounter any problems but at the same time, they will be less likely to become confused or lost. These signs will also help to prevent having people constantly asking for directions or simply wandering around the building.

How to Use Way-finding Signage
Directional or wayfinding signs can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, directional signs could be used to display the layout of a building. Wayfinding signs cold also be used to display a map of an area or use arrows to direct visitors to specific areas of a facility.

Tips for Designing Way-finding Signs
While designing wayfinding signs, it’s important to keep the facility layout in mind. Signs should be kept consistent throughout the facility to ensure visitors to do not become confused. For the most part, wayfinding signs should be kept simple in design so that they can be viewed easily regardless of ability or age group.

Types of Way-finding Signs
There are four different categories of wayfinding signs. They include identification, information, warning, and directional.

Informational Way-finding Signs
These types of wayfinding signs are intended to provide information that visitors might need to know about a particular facility. An informational sign might let a visitor know where they are in a facility and what is available at that location. Such signs might be found in staircases, hallways, etc.

Identification Way-finding Signs
These types of wayfinding signs are often used for the purpose of drawing visitors’ attention toward a specific feature or service. This could be a conference room, restroom, waiting room, reception area, or something else.

Directional Way-finding Signs
Directional signs can cover a lot of material. These types of signs frequently provide a map of the building and may show exits as well as other locations.

Warning Signs
The primary goal of this type of sign is to alert visitors to potential dangers or risks in the facility. This could be a wet floor, stairs, fire safety, or anything else that might pose a risk to visitors. Warning signs are beneficial as a warning but may also be a requirement to assure safety in some instances. These types of signs should be extremely visible to ensure that visitors are able to see them easily.

When used properly, wayfinding signs can keep visitors well-informed and safe.