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Law offices, like any other business, require the right signage. Whether the office requires lobby signage or specific signage for different offices, it’s important to choose the right type of law office signs.

Monument signs are an excellent choice for law firms that may be set back somewhat from the street. These signs will alert passersby to the presence of the firm while keeping with the architectural style of the building itself.

Lobby signs provide law firms with a professional appearance when welcoming visitors to the building. The more professional and welcoming the appearance of the lobby the more confidence the firm will be able to inspire in clients when they enter the building.

Directory signs are a good option for particularly large law firms. With this type of sign, it’s possible to list the names of all of the attorneys employed by the firm. Directory signs make it easier for visitors and clients to find their way around the building, as well.

Dimensional lobby logo signs are the ideal choice for a law office that wishes to present a modern yet professional appearance. Such signs can be crafted from a variety of different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, and brass. Additionally, there are various finish options, such as painted, polished, or brushed.

Panel signs are also a good choice for law office signs. With these signs, the firm’s logo can be added to a panel to ensure it is more visible. These signs are a great option when mounted on surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to adhere to a sign, such as granite, tile, or stone.

While many signs for law firms are intended to display the name of the law firm, there are also many other signs that can benefit law firms. Among those are ADA directional signs. As with most other businesses, law firms need to ensure they are in complete compliance with legal regulations regarding required signs. There are numerous different types of ADA signs that will allow law firms to be in compliance while still looking professional. Such wayfinding ADA signs can help visitors with vision impairments quickly locate restrooms, stairways, elevators, and conference rooms.

With so many different options for law firm signs, it’s easy to ensure that a firm offers a professional and welcoming appearance.