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Ceiling graphics are a newer idea in signage, consisting of attractive and useful graphics displayed where all eyes can see them. There are many ways to use ceiling graphics with or without text.

Make Any Room More Informative

When a customer or client enters an office or store, they depend on signage to direct them. What if instead of traditional signage at a medical office, patients were directed by a ceiling graphic that leads to the check-in desk? Arrows or another repeating pattern could form a pathway along the ceiling that patients could easily follow. In a store with several departments, ceiling graphics could contain icons that would clarify what goods were sold below.

Enhance the Mood of an Office or Business

Ceiling graphics can also make a room more attractive. In most commercial buildings, the ceiling is a blank slate which adds nothing to the feel of the room. What if the ceiling could improve the mood of the people in the room? Many medical settings produce anxiety for patients. A natural landscape or water scene could help them feel more calm. Imagine the impact a night sky ceiling graphic would add to a romantic restaurant. In a gym, vibrant colors could both direct customers and provide a jolt of energy to those who are working out below.

Get a Message Across by Encouraging Looking Up

In a competitive business environment, it can be tricky to stand out. Targeted use of ceiling graphics can strengthen marketing efforts by reaching customers right at the place where they make buying decisions. In addition, the novelty of ceiling graphics may catch the eye of customers who might ignore a more traditional wall or hanging sign.

What to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Graphic

When thinking about adding a ceiling graphic, give some thought to its main purpose. Is it primarily to direct traffic, create a mood, convey information, or serve as a marketing tool? Consider how the business’s logo and color scheme might be incorporated. To place a graphic with maximum effectiveness, focus on areas like checkout lines where customers must wait. Using ceiling graphics has several benefits over hanging signs. They don’t collect dust or cobwebs and won’t block the view of the rest of the area. Another bonus with ceiling graphics is that there are many ways to use design rather than text. This could be useful in places where several languages are spoken or where there are young children.