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There are many factors to consider when placing signs at a new mall. These include brand recognition, branding issues, and the positioning of the new mall compared to other malls in the area. Signage is one of those things that can make or break a new mall’s reputation.

1. Design of the Signage

Shopping mall sign designs should reflect the style of the building. For example, if the mall features bright colors and bold graphics, the signage should also use bright colors and bold graphics. Designing signage will also reflect other themes in the mall such as interior design themes.

2. Placement of Signage

Signage plays an important part in making a new shopping center feel like a community. The best locations for signage include at the front of the mall, near the main entrance, and where it will be highly visible to customers. Other great locations include high-traffic areas such as next to water fountains or restrooms. Additionally, escalator posts are good places for signage.

3. Format of the Signage

Shopping mall signage can be divided into two main types: illuminated signage and nontransparent signage. The former is more visible, while the latter is dimmer and less noticeable. Shopping malls can use both formats, but it is important to consider their locations when considering the format.

4. Size and Shape of the Signage

Size and shape of signage should correspond to other aspects of the mall. This includes other signage and structural features, such as windows and large archways. In order to create a cohesive shopping experience, all aspects should be well-coordinated. Large colorful letters on a clear background or an opaque sign on a colored background are good examples of signs that match the style of the mall.

5. Content of the Signage

Signs should reflect the theme and image of the mall. For example, a mall meant to be fun and family-oriented might use advertising images that include children playing with animals or adults laughing together under a clear blue sky. The images used should reflect the mall’s theme rather than products sold at the mall.


New shopping malls are an exciting addition to most communities. As a result, they should always get presented in the best light possible. This starts with properly designed mall signage placed in the right locations with the right content. Shopping mall signs are an important part of attracting customers, creating a vibrant atmosphere, and making a new shopping center feel like home.