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Outdoor signs are a great way to advertise your business. Everyone can see them in the area, they can’t be ignored, and their message is clear for all to see. But with so many different styles of outdoor signs available on the market today, knowing which one is right for your business is crucial. This article will look at popular outdoor signs worth considering when looking into purchasing your next sign!
Pylon sign
A pylon sign is the traditional style of outdoor signage. It stands between 12-14 feet high and can be seen from long distances. They are mounted on poles or other structures that allow them to stand out very prominently against their backdrop.
Monument Sign
As its name implies, this type of outdoor sign sits atop a monument base to sit closer to street level than pylon signs do. Monument signs provide excellent visibility at lower heights.
A-Frame Signs
A-frame signs have become a prevalent choice for businesses because they allow individuals to advertise their products and services in multiple languages! These exterior banners also come with different sizes and options, so no matter what message your business needs to be displayed out front, we likely have something here that can work for you!
Sandwich Board Signs
Sandwich board signs are another low-key option for businesses looking to advertise. They can be placed in high-traffic areas where people will regularly see them, but they won’t stand out quite as much as some of our other options today!
LED Signs
The LED sign is one of the most versatile outdoor signage choices available on the market today because you get thousands of color combinations and different display capabilities with these bad boys. If your business wants something that will grab attention without being too obvious about it, this type of exterior banner works excellent!
Wall signs
Wall signs are a great way to advertise because they can be placed directly in front of your business, so people who are already interested in interacting with your company have the opportunity to learn more about what is being offered. These exterior banners also come in different sizes and shapes, so no matter how much or little space your business needs to be covered up front, we likely have something here that will work for your needs!