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Dimensional Letter Signs
Business signs can be presented in many ways, from static to mobile examples. For stationary business signage one way to create a memorable impression is to use dimensional letter signs. Here’s a look at why these signs are effective at capturing attention and making a strong first impression.

What are Dimensional Letter Signs?

Most standard small business signs are comprised of lettering on a flat board, creating a two-dimensional visual effect. Using letters with a 3D effect based on physical properties forms the basis of dimensional letter signs. Many times the letters are raised to create shadow effects. The main benefit of 3D lettering is that it adds depth, which can intrigue the mind, even if only for a few seconds.

How Do Dimensional Letter Signs Attract Attention?

Depth in visual art is a deep artistic and psychological topic, yet it rarely gets mentioned in print relating to sign-making. It’s a very abstract field of study, but graphical depth is often perceived as and associated with sophistication and elegant aesthetics.

Another reason why dimensional letter signs are known to attract attention is because they are typically customized to be unique. The more unique any sign is, the more it stands out from generic marketing clutter.

Different Types of Dimensional Signs

Dimensional letter signs come in all shapes and sizes. Other factors that affect its appearance are typeface, lighting, texture and finish. Here are some of the most common materials used for these eye-catching signs:


Aluminum is an alloy metal, meaning it’s a mix of metals with an aluminum base. It’s a common choice for dimensional letter signs because of its durability and modern appearance. It’s rust resistant, making it ideal for outdoors, but it’s also popular for indoors due to its impressive aesthetics.

What are the Overall Benefits?

The most powerful benefit of dimensional letter signs is that the 3D effect creates wider visibility. Raised lettering in general is easier for passing motorists and pedestrians to see from different angles. When 3D letters are backlit with LEDs, the illumination creates even greater visibility and visual appeal at night.


Consider customizing dimensional letter signs to give your business logo a professional and authoritative look. Dimensional letter signs are particularly appropriate for unique niche-oriented enterprises that aim to attract independent-minded customers. Contact us at James River Signs for more information about customizing signage to fit the image of your business.