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When it comes to a business environment, one thinks of many items that make it feel professional. Chairs, desks, cubicles, papers, copiers, filing cabinets, manila folders, writing utensils, staplers, and paper clips to name a bunch. But an overlooked item from that this are the signs. These office signs play a number of different purposes for a business and the brand. Mainly, they keep it organized and pleasant to work and do business in. They also may show the personality of the company depending on the types of colors or designs chosen.

Names Are Important

An organized office has a high potential for success, so what types of signs keep it organized? Engraved name plates keep employees and clients headed in the right doors to make the big business happen. They can be on the desk to show a sense of importance of the person whose name is displayed as well as their position within the company. Coming in different colors and designs, these signs can lead a client to an executive’s office. Although names are letters only, you could even design a name plate with a logo, emojis, or characters that make the sign pop.

This Way Please

Following an office sign can direct traffic to areas within the business besides to the employees desks and offices. You can find different departments or rooms within the business from the boardroom to the bathroom. Elevator signs can point you to different floors from the penthouse to the basement, and from the kitchen to the lobby. It may indicate where the cars are parked or where to leave packages. Indoor and outdoor signs can be made with acrylic or metal and affixed with velcro, double-sided tape, or even magnet mounting.


In a professional space, it is often good to set the rules and boundaries for all to observe. One sign could indicate no one should be on a cell phone there. Another sign may indicate smoking either is or isn’t allowed in an area. Even still another sign could indicate here is where they recycle or put their trash. A well placed sign can provide order and courtesy for the business compounded with respecting the office itself and others in there.

Safety First

Above all else signs can be a great way to protect a business and those inside. Showing where the stairs and exits are, or the fire extinguisher or elevator capacity are good examples. More importantly during the pandemic, they can show how and when to social distance or whether masks are required for receiving service.

However you choose to run your establishment, James Rivers Signs is here to help you conduct business in a way that promotes your policies and suits your business’s style!