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When visitors enter a building, the first thing they are looking for is information. For the most part, this is accomplished through the use of lobby signs. While they may seem unimportant, lobby signs are the first opportunity a business has to create a lasting impression with the visitor. Through the proper use and placement, lobby signs should give visitors a sense of direction and instruction whether they’re looking for a specific office in a complex or looking for instructions to find a department or event space.

Well-designed lobby signage not only conveys the business’s branding but a sense of professionalism to all who see it upon entry. Lobby signs should be aesthetically pleasing in both design and layout and fit the environment they’re placed in. A professional sign company will not only include company branding in the design but will use design elements that fit in with the location’s theme to give the sign a unique look.

Text on lobby signs should always be clear and easy-to-read using fonts and spacing that allow it to be visible from a distance. If a 3D stud-mounted sign is being used, LED back-lighting can be used to make it stand out in low-light conditions and capture the attention of everyone in the area.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right signage for a company’s lobby. From different material choices such as plastic or wood laminate to mounting options such as stud or flat, each sign can be created to be as unique as the business and the building itself.

When greater amounts of information need to be conveyed, digital display signs can be incorporated in addition to traditional signage. These large informational screens provide greater flexibility for building owners and can be changed instantly for new tenants, special event directions, important announcements, and more. Digital displays can be seamlessly integrated into almost every building’s design by using enclosures and casings that fit the architectural style of the space while not detracting from the lobby’s design. The housing can also be designed to match the look of the traditional signs used throughout the building.

Of course, choosing the proper sign company is the first step in creating the perfect lobby sign for a business. Our team at James River Signs can review the building’s space, go over different lobby sign styles and designs as well as additional elements to turn your sign into a work of art.