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As a business, it is essential to have practical and appealing signs. This is undoubtedly true for hotels, which need to convey to guests both the purpose and location of the establishment. A few features make for an ideal hotel sign, as explained below.

Easily Visible From a Distance

First, the sign should be easily visible from a distance so that guests can see it even as they drive or walk by. It should also be large enough to be legible from a close distance. The lettering and graphics on the sign should also be clear and concise with no confusing or hidden information. They should be large enough to stand out but not so big that the sign looks gaudy or tacky.

Customizable for Different Types of Guests

Secondly, it is essential to realize that hotel signs are generally aimed at different guests. This means that the appearance and content of the sign should changed based on who it is intended to attract. For example, vacationers will be interested in different information than business travelers. The hotel sign should be tailored to suit the interests of these groups.

Appealing Designs

Hotel signs should generally use cheerful colors and designs to create a welcoming atmosphere. By incorporating these features into their signage, hotels can help ensure that guests have a positive first impression of the establishment. The design should also be unique and appropriate for the individual business.

Lights for Nighttime Legibility

Finally, it can be especially beneficial to have hotel signs with lights for nighttime legibility. If guests arrive late at night after a long journey, they will appreciate being able to see the sign even in the dark. By providing this extra feature, hotels go the distance to ensure customers get where they need to go.

Including a Few Simple Logos

It is an excellent idea to incorporate a few simple logos into the sign. This will help customers immediately recognize the hotel’s name and other vital trademarks. It should include a wordmark and an image representing the company’s brand to provide the best possible first impression.

Customizable Language and Directions

Another consideration is including customizable language and directions on the sign. This will help it meet the needs of different guests and contexts. The sign should be easy to update based on time of day, day of the week, and other factors that affect business operations. For example, many hotels include an arrow for pointing out their location on the sign and writing to indicate hours of operation and other information.

Overall, hotel signs need to be easily visible, customized for different guests, appealing in design, and contain valuable features. By taking this advice into account when designing their signage, hotels can successfully communicate the purpose of their business to customers.