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What are projecting signs? Simply put, they’re typically a double-sided sign that sticks out from the side of a commercial building, so anyone who passes can see it from two directions. Sometimes, people call these signs flag-mounted or blade signs.

They’re a great way to make a business stand out from the others. These signs attach to a building’s wall and increase the company’s visibility from foot traffic and vehicles. These signs are ideal for restaurants, retail, and destination venues in densely-trafficked areas.

Projecting Signs Increase Visibility

Generally speaking, projecting signs are usually vertically-oriented, but they are available horizontally-oriented too. Since they stick out from the building, they can force people to notice them and increase a business’s visibility. This is especially important in areas where many companies are side by side. The goal is to catch people’s attention as they walk past.

Double-Ended Signage Works for Wayfinding

If someone walks down a sidewalk in the city, it’s ususally much easier to see a projecting sign because the sign is front-and-center instead of having to turn and search for the sign. Projecting signs are very effective if a business has heavy foot traffic and competition. They also add an upscale aesthetic to any business, increasing overall brand recognition.

When someone looks across a street, the visible advantage of this type of sign comes to light. Looking from a distance, a projecting sign can easily stand out more than a block away. On the other hand, flat signs require people to stand virtually in front of it before they notice it. Also, double-sided signs mean that they’re excellent for traffic and people going in either direction.

Add Illumination to Boost the Sign’s Optical Quality

Illumination is a great way to enhance a sign’s aesthetic, quality, and visibility. Projecting signs can accommodate a broad range of lighting options. The most common choice is backlit or lit lettering. Backlit lettering will illuminate a raised letter from behind it. On the other hand, lit lettering has lights inside an opaque letter. This boosts the sign’s visibility and makes it stand out at night.

Professional Installation and Design Makes Projecting Signs Pop

When designing and installing a projecting sign, it’s essential to have an experienced company in charge of the project. The elevation of the sign and the proportions should always correspond to the distance that a business owner wants people to notice the signage.

The color, size, and, design element attributes should go through planning stages before the final design. Then, professional installation finishes the project to ensure that the sign is as visible as possible. The installation process can involve blocking the street or specific construction requirements that the city has to approve. Once installed, this signage will add polish while optically enhancing a business.

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