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Exteriors signs are designed and mounted to achieve three main objectives for any business. The objectives include attracting customers, displaying information, and finally enhancing the brand image. Though there are different types of exterior signs, this article focuses on raceway mounted signs. In a simple explanation, raceway mounted signs are a type of advertising that uses letter channels to mount signs on the wall of businesses. This article explains the benefits of using raceway mounted signs for your business.

Benefits of Raceway Mounted signs on Business


Raceway mounted signs are convenient because they are customizable. The channel letters come in different sizes, options, and colors. This, therefore, implies that raceway mounted signs can comfortably be customized to suit the specific use of any business. It is very important that these signs are customizable.


Raceway mounted signs are made to last long even in harsh weather conditions. The signs are also customizable to allow for different lighting according to the preferences of different businesses. The reason is that a business may prefer certain lighting over another depending on the location of the business or the weather condition.

3.Quick to Install

It is easy to install raceway mounted signs because in most cases, they have two or three mounting points. Some signs require each of its letters to be mounted separately. Such would require more time than the raceway mounted signs. The simplified way of installing these signs has helped to reduce the damages caused on the wall or surface it is being mounted on.

4.Reinforced Protection

The wiring of signs that are outdoors is left susceptible to different weather conditions. Raceway mounted signs have a unique feature for protection. A rectangular box that is three-sided protects the wires and other electronic components from the elements that are outside. The box also exists to reinforce the raceway mounted sign to last for many years.

5.Appealing and Attractive

Raceway mounted signs help your business to stand out. They are very conspicuous especially at night because they can be seen from far. Their lights come in different colors that can be selected or customized to meet the needs of any organization. This helps your business to be unique and memorable.


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