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Elevator graphics are essential to advertising in the lobby and on each building floor. They let buildings and companies express their messages, build brand awareness, and simplify navigation. The most successful advertisers know that elevator graphics must be relevant to the customer demographic or business location. This means choosing well-researched color schemes, fonts, words, images, and layouts is important. It takes careful planning to do this right. Whether you own your space in a building or are an outside advertiser, elevator graphics may be the first thing clients see when they enter your office or store. This is why it is so important to have accurate and timely information about your company

This post shows how to choose the best graphics for an elevator advertisement and how to make the elevator graphics stand out.

Choose Color Schemes that Appeal to Your Market

Color schemes are essential in elevator graphics. They should be bold and eye-catching, grab the user’s attention, and reflect the company values. A good color scheme for any advertising medium is a psychological effect that attracts people to your company through colors. It creates a pleasant and harmonious effect in the mind of the customer. They will feel positive emotions like trust, congruency, and creativity. A variety of color schemes can be used in elevator advertising.


Sophisticated fonts are a common trend in elevator advertising today. This is because they set up the company’s image and make it more memorable to viewers. It is important to use attractive fonts that reflect your company’s values. A classic example of font selection is the fashion industry. Fashion companies always use glamorous fonts on their signage. Using ‘smart’ fonts representing your company makes it more likely that clients will remember your brand. The best part is there are many fonts available for you to choose from. You can search for a font online or find free and open-source ones. You can create something new by combining different fonts, which will surely impact your branding.

Choose the Right Words

Choosing the right words, especially for an elevator graphic, is crucial to your success. Your chosen words will set up your brand and create an interesting, attractive, and understandable message for clients. Your company name will be one of the most important text elements in the elevator signage. Selecting the right words is essential. If you choose incorrect words, it can be detrimental to your brand image.

Make Your Graphics Stand Out

Making your elevator graphics stand out is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. If your graphics have too much text and are not eye-catching, they will be neglected by a busy lobby. They will look sloppy if too busy with images and colors. They need to stand out in the lobby in the most effective way possible.