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The Classic Charm of the Post and Panel Sign – Newport News, VA

Businesses that want to look more professional often choose to install a post and panel sign outside their office. This type of sign is a classic way to display a company name or logo.

What Is a Post and Panel Sign?

The traditional post and panel sign is a freestanding sign consisting of a flat panel held up by a post on either side. The design is relatively simple, but there are several ways it can be customized. For example, businesses can choose from different panel shapes, colors, and trims. There are also a variety of materials that businesses can use for post and panel signs. Businesses might choose wrought-iron poles and an aluminum panel for a more modern look, or go with wood for both the posts and panel for a vintage feel.

While most post and panel signs are flat, some are L-shaped, with two panels held together at a right angle by three posts. These L-shaped post and panel signs are a natural fit for a street corner.

What Are Post and Panel Signs Used For?

Typically, a post and panel sign is used to convey identifying information about that specific location. When someone sees a post and panel sign in front of a building, they know right away that the sign is going to describe that business.

Post and panel signs are almost always found outdoors, facing the road or walkway. They are commonly used by real estate agents or property management companies.

Information commonly found on post and panel signs include business name and logo, address, services offered and hours of operation. Post and panel signs used for real estate often include the real estate’s website or phone number.

Why Are Post and Panel Signs a Popular Choice for Businesses?

The silhouette of a post and panel sign is instantly recognizable. Because the design is so timeless, this sign is a common choice for businesses who want to instill a sense of historic charm. For example, city governments will often place post and panel signs in their downtown districts.

Post and panel signs tend to be relatively easy to install. The opportunity for customization is another benefit of this type of sign. By dressing up their sign with custom trim or eye-catching colors, businesses can make their sign stand out and catch the attention of those who drive by.

Post and panel signs are go-to choice for businesses who want a simple yet elegant way to display key business information. For post and panel sign installation, please give us a call at (757) 598-4036 today!