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From gigantic galleries filled with precious paintings to tiny buildings teeming with local treasures, museums allow individuals to learn about history, science, the arts and more. Consider how opting for appropriate signage can allow visitors to have the most fruitful experience at your museum.

Outdoor Signs
The experience starts before visitors even enter into the museum. A clear sign indicating the name of the museum helps guests to locate the building. This type of sign is especially important in areas heavy with tourists and tourist attractions. Some museum directors may worry that the signage could take away from the style of the building or the historical time period in which it was constructed. Professionals can ensure that the signage is created in a way that is tasteful and representative of the museum’s contents.

Accessibility Signs
As soon as visitors enter the museum, they should be able to see important information about accessibility. For example, signs about the locations of elevators are critical in museums that have more than one floor. Museums that offer tours must let visitors know where they can go to request accommodations for audio and visual elements. Incorporating information about accessible bathrooms is critical as well.

Exhibit Signs
Signs explaining each exhibit are crucial to nurturing the minds of guests to your museum. Display signs at each exhibit allow you to share information about the item, how it was created, what its history is, how it fits into local lore and more. While audio tours are popular at musics, exhibit signs help make content more appealing to visual learners.

Directional Signs
Even in smaller museums, guests should be able to easily navigate from one display to the next. Bold signs that match up with the museum map allow visitors to stroll through the museum seamlessly. Some museums may request that all guests flow through the space in one direction, and arrows can let inquiring minds know where to go. In other museums, signs can tell visitors which exhibits are in which direction.

Additional Information
Some museums host events throughout the year related to history, the arts, literature and more. The appropriate signage can let guests know about the details of these events. Since the visitors have chosen to come to the museum, they are ideal candidates to advertise this type of content to. If the museum collects donations to help with preservation efforts, this information can be made available on signs as well.

Museums and signs simply go together. In order for visitors to navigate a museum and to have an enjoyable experience, appropriate signage is a necessity.