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Outdoor / Front Desk / Monument / Address

Outdoor / Front Desk / Monument / Address

Hotel Signage

Hotel signage plays an essential role for both travelers and locals alike – whether in Hampton Roads, Richmond, or anywhere in Virginia. Hotel signs provide a way-finding tool to help people find the hotel with ease, direct them quickly and efficiently to their desired destination in the lobby, and serve as the crucial source of information they need while staying there. Hotel signs are the “first impression” that many guests are greeted with when arriving at a hotel, making them all the more important. This is essential because clear, easy to read hotel signage allows people to easily identify what services and amenities are available, learn more about attractions nearby, connect with customer service representatives if needed, and so much more. Investing in quality hotel signs can create a warm and welcoming environment for guests – setting your hotel apart from other establishments!

We utilize only the highest standards of signs and substrates for our clients. Some of the signs that achieve long-lasting success include:

  • Door Sign: These signs usually include the hotel logo, name, and often feature a slogan or popular phrase. They are generally located near the main entrance and serve to welcome visitors.
  • Wayfinding Signs: These hotel signs help guests navigate around the property. They are typically placed throughout hallways and lobbies and may include information such as room numbers, special facilities, or evacuation routes in case of an emergency.
  • Room Number Signs: These signs make it easy for visitors to find their way to their specific room number. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated, depending on the hotel’s preference, and will generally include the room number itself alongside other pertinent information such as a logo or symbol of the hotel chain.
  • Lobby Sign: As guests enter the lobby area there should be a sign featuring the hotel’s logo and name prominently displayed in order to create a memorable first impression for new visitors.
  • Special Event Signs: When hosting events such as weddings, conferences or conventions at a hotel there are usually banners hung up around the facility that advertise the event taking place and provide additional details about who is attending or what is being offered at the event itself.
  • Accessibility Signs: Hotels need to have signs that indicate when certain areas are accessible only by wheelchair users or those who may require special assistance while navigating around a facility due to physical limitations or disabilities they may have; these signs also serve as reminders for employees to provide adequate assistance when needed so that all guests feel comfortable during their stay at the hotel regardless of any special requirements they may have.
  • Pool Area Warning Signage: Most hotels will feature safety signage near their pool area in order to remind people of local laws regarding public pools as well as providing warning notices about slippery surfaces, no diving advisories, etc., which serve both educational and legal purposes depending on where they are located within a country’s legal framework (for example in some places it is mandatory for all public swimming pools have one of these kinds of warning signs).
  • Parking Lot Directional Signs: In order for guests not to get confused while looking for parking spaces, it is common for hotels to install directional signs which point them towards available parking lots so that they can easily find out where they should go when arriving at their destination; this type of sign also serves other purposes such as indicating handicap parking spaces when necessary or providing additional information about shuttle services if they are offered by said establishment among others.

These are just a few of the products that are often used for hotels. Our team can help handpick the specific signs that will work well for your particular goals. 


Personalized Options for Signs for Hotels

After meeting with our design team for your free consultation, we will have a better idea of the right points to hit for your package’s customization for your hotel’s sign installation. Some of the more common details that we take into consideration during the design process include:

  • Branding Image
  • Placement of Signs
  • Budget
  • Desired Marketing Goal
  • Targeted Audience

With the right information, we can design, fabricate, and install a complete product package that hits all the points for your specific hotel signage. Do you need to supply way-finding solutions for your visitors? Are you missing some ADA signs needed for code compliance? We will work with you to get you what you need for your hotel or motel.

Are you interested in learning more about hotel signage that will help customers? Would you like to schedule an assessment to determine your best plan of action? Contact our team today, and let us get you where you need to be.


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