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File Types

We accept the following types of graphics files:

  1. EPS
  2. PDF
  3. AI
  4. TIFF
  5. JPEG

Vector artwork (eps, pdf, ai) is preferred.

Guidelines for Submitting Digital Artwork

Artwork used to create a sign is like artwork used in other forms of digital printing in that both forms of artwork must be computer-generated.  However, artwork used to print large-format signs and graphics is unique and must be created differently to ensure that your sign or banner is printed with the highest quality and the most accurate colors possible.

Before submitting your artwork, please use the checklist below to ensure that artwork is in a usable format. 

VECTOR ARTWORK  Vector artwork is created in Adobe Illustrator or another vector-based program like Corel Draw.  A vector graphic can be picked apart and modified.

  1. Make sure that the art file is set to CMYK mode. 
  2. We recommend that every color except black is a Pantone color.  Set the black to C25/M 25/Y25/K100. This helps to ensure that there will be no difference in color between what you hope to see and what you get.
  3. Turn all text to outlines.  That is, make the text so that each letter is an individual object. If your graphic artist is unable to do this, then the font files used to create the artwork must be supplied to us along with the artwork. 
  4. Save the file as an .eps or .pdf file.  These are the two best file formats to use for vector artwork. 
  5. Also, make sure to save the file for a PC (an IBM compatible system).

RASTER ARTWORK  Raster artwork is artwork that originated from a photograph or from a raster-based program like Adobe Photoshop.  A raster graphic cannot be picked apart without hours of very tedious, very specialized work. 

  1. Raster images must have a proper resolution.  An image with a resolution of 72 dpi is a full-scale graphic, meaning that if you try to increase its dimensions, it will become fuzzy and blurred.  However, full-scale sign artwork usually has an enormous file size.  Therefore, it is best to send a scaled-down version of the artwork at a higher resolution. To check the resolution of an image, open it in Adobe Photoshop and click on Image, then Image Size.  A window will pop up that will show the dimensions and the resolution.  Set the image dimensions to 1/4 of its final (finished) size and set the resolution to 300 dpi. 
  2. Save the file as a .psd, .jpg, or .tif file.)
  3. If the image is to run all the way to the edge of the sign panel, then include a bit of extra art (a “bleed”) to ensure that the image will not fall short of the edge of the panels. A quarter inch on each side will be more than sufficient.

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