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Signs are everywhere. The importance of signs cannot be underestimated. From getting you where you need to go, to showing you the way, to displaying all the information you could ask for, signs are an integral part of life.

There are interior and exterior signs for every task and function under the sun. Signs define your business in more ways than you probably imagine.


LED outdoor building signs for storefront businesses

Take LED outdoor building signs for storefront businesses, for example. These have become wildly popular. They are much more cost-effective than the neon lights you still see here and there. LEDs help to give your business that extra boost it may need, especially if you are in an area with lots of other businesses. If you are looking for a way to get people’s attention, an LED outdoor building sign is one perfect way to do that.

Why are LED signs so effective? These types of building signs are versatile. And they come in a broad array of colors. They can match your logo and bring a whole new dimension to how customers see your business.

LED outdoor building signs are brighter than traditional neon lighting, and when you’re in a storefront location, you want to be noticed first. Outdoor LED lighting lasts for a very long time, and they are much less expensive than fluorescent or incandescent lighting.


The Lobby Sign

Another type of popular sign is the lobby sign. Where once lobby signs seemed to all be the same, now there are varied ways to make that vital connection between your employees and your lobby sign.

Lobby signs are seen every day when employees are coming and going from their jobs. An effective lobby sign can relate to emotions that each employee brings to their work.

Your employees spend many hours each week at work, and often consider their place of employment as their second home. Seeing your best lobby signs every day reinforces their sense of belonging to a worthwhile business or organization such as yours. Dedication to a company can be improved with effective, thoughtfully-designed lobby signs.


What Type of Materials Should You Use for Lobby Signs?

No longer are signs merely metal signs stuck on posts with your business name on top. Today’s lobby signs can be anything you wish them to be. They come in acrylic, PVC, foam, and metal and all are guaranteed to bring an air of professionalism to your business that you didn’t have before.

For a crisp, clean look, the use of metal in formed, cast, or solid metal letters denotes permanence. These most durable of lobby signs are one option, but there are more. For example, you can have metal laminate lobby signs created for you, where the laminate gives off the appearance of cut or cast metal letters without the weight or expense of solid metal. Foam lettering looks great on a wall where you want to create depth to your signage. PVC material is another great option for any indoor or outdoor sign. They can be painted and cut to match your business’s image and branding.

Lastly, there are acrylic letters, which have become one of the hottest options for indoor signage letters. They can be precisely laser-cut, and they are used in many different formats.


Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Mobile Businesses

Nowadays, many businesses are mobile. Pet grooming, taxi services, catering, real estate, and more are often seen out and about. Using vehicle wraps and graphics are effective ways to get your business seen. Just think of your vehicle or truck as your mobile billboard.

With vehicle wraps and graphics, you have full control over what you include. There’s no doubt that when driving in town, sitting at traffic lights or parked in a lot, people will notice your mobile business signs.

You can customize vehicle wraps and graphics to your heart’s content. Include not just your name and logo, but business colors, taglines, phone numbers, your website, and social media handles. With professional design, it can all fit onto your vehicle with room to spare.

Today’s signs are vastly different from signs of long ago. Every business has the opportunity to stand out in a crowded field of companies and businesses all vying for your attention.

From LED outdoor building signs, to lobby signs and vehicle wraps and graphics, there is a sign that is just right for your business. Stand out from all the rest with an extraordinary exterior or interior visual display. At James River Signs, we can show you how it’s done. Call us today at (757) 598-4036.