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How Office Signage Can Enhance Company Culture
Many offices around the world choose to use signage, a visual way of communicating information and promoting company culture. However, when it comes to how these signs are managed by employees and visitors of the office, there is an often-noted lack of uniformity which can damage company culture. One of the more recognizable aspects of office culture is how signs are displayed. There are several ways in which signs can be displayed and have a positive impact on an office. These should be taken into account when managing an office including:

Office Layout
It should be noted that even if signage is located in one area, they may still take different attitudes to their display depending on how well the area is laid out. To ensure that an office has a consistent feel and look, it is important that the layout of the office is consistent.

Uniformity of signage
To help promote company culture, it is necessary for all signage in an office to be uniform. Signs should not only be uniform but also clearly marked with the relevant information and images which are in line with company values. This allows for a greater feeling of consistency among employees which helps build commitment to the goals of the business. Rather than simply being seen as a way to advertise services or products there should be more emphasis placed on how signs promote the company culture by depicting core values, or even helping generate ideas for new services or product lines.

There are no right or wrong places for signage
There is often a belief that signs should only be placed in areas where they can be easily seen by staff and visitors. This is not the case, however, as signage can just as easily help to promote culture if placed in areas where they may not be seen. Signage that is placed in areas like the stairwells or canteen for instance can help employees share what is going on with others who may not have been aware of certain processes or activities. It also shows that even if someone does not notice the signs initially, it will still have an indirect impact on them.

Signs should be updated regularly
To promote consistency and uniformity all signs must be updated regularly, especially as events change. This not only helps promote a sense of culture but also makes it easier for employees and visitors to locate information about the office. When signs are not updated regularly, there is often confusion over what certain signs mean or what activities they refer to. It should also be noted that new staff members require time before they fully understand the office layout and where different facilities are located. This means that new employees have greater difficulty locating the information that may affect them in their work until they have gained sufficient knowledge of which areas of the office contain certain signage.

To promote a culture that works for all employees of an office, it is necessary to ensure the signage which has been used to label areas and promote company values is uniform and updated according to events. This does not only make it easier for individuals to locate information or carry out tasks in their workplace, but it also creates a more consistent feeling among employees which allows them to feel more committed to the goals of the organization.