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Interior signs are becoming more popular with businesses who want to add a distinctive identity. They help display the name of a business, a person’s name or title, an inspirational quote, or another advertisement. Interior signage is also a very efficient way to make an office space feel more welcoming and fun.

There are various techniques used in the production of interior signs. One technique uses a vinyl cutter to cut into a plastic surface and create a textural, tactile effect. Another way to create an interior sign is to use cast letters mounted onto a piece of glass for high visibility. The most common type is an inkjet printed film, which has a unique film applied with the printed text and then laminated onto a substrate such as metal or plastic material. Interior signs are very cost-effective and available at any desired size. Here are some types of interior signs:

Interior Way-finding Signs

Way-finding signs aim at guiding people to their desired locations in buildings. Not only does it help with visitor navigation, but it also creates a bright and intuitive environment for the occupants of the building. When it comes to color coding, there are various options available. The best color at times depends on multiple factors, including the location. For example, a calming and relaxing range of colors is ideal in healthcare facilities because they provide a sense of peace. A typical color scheme used in hospitals is blue, green, and white, aiming to make the environment calm and soothing.

Interior signs usually have an informative role, but there are also ways to include advertising or branding purposes for a business. Depending on their purpose, the designer will look for the appropriate type of sign.

Regulatory Signs

The purpose of regulatory signs is to direct and inform people about the rules and regulations of a place or facility. It keeps everyone safe and reduces accidents. Regulatory signs also help prevent people from interfering with objects that may cause harm to them if not handled properly. Regulatory signs can be either permanent or temporary.

Additionally, regulatory signs’ content is usually rounded to differentiate them from other signs. Furthermore, the sign’s placement is essential, mainly if multiple signs exist. In that case, placement should be consistent and clear to help reduce accidents.

Decorative Interior Signs

Creative decorative interior signs are a great way to make your office space more exciting and valuable. They create a sophisticated and stylish interior, bringing out the best of what you offer. They help highlight something special, such as an artist’s work or a unique product that promotes your brand. All decorative signs come in high-resolution color on the highest quality film possible. This ensures that they will last many years, highlighting the quality of your brand message.