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HDU signs are made from high-density urethane. Because of its longevity and versatility in various sign structures, this material is used to make many signs. HDU signs are ideal for dimensional lettering, signage, and monument signs. Furthermore, HDU signs are an excellent choice for businesses and organizations seeking the look of a hand-carved sign for a fraction of the expense of true wood-carved signage.

HDU Signs’ Material Composition

High-density urethane is manufactured from a chemical mixture that results in a hard, closed-cell foam material. HDU is sturdy and thicker than other foam materials, such as Styrofoam. This makes it a versatile foundation for numerous designs and treatments. This substance is waterproof as well as resistant to petroleum-based solvents.

Sign Production and Details

HDU may be worked in a variety of methods, just like wood. It includes sandblasting, routing, and hand or machine carving. Textured frames can be used to make the background appear like varied finishes, such as wood grain, smooth, pebbled, or even stone. V-cut or V-grooved letters are etchings that appear hand-carved into the material. Alternatively, the sign can be routed to simulate raised letters. After that, the sign is completed with latex paint and even metal foils to highlight any letters or logos.

An Alternative to Wood Signs

Unlike carved wood signs, which are more expensive to produce and are often damaged by repeated weather exposure, HDU signs may recreate the aesthetic at a reduced cost while outlasting wood signs. Even sealed wood can expand and contract in response to temperature fluctuations and water exposure.

Large wood panels are often built from numerous planks of wood, with the seams becoming increasingly visible with age and wear. HDU signs are significantly bigger and lighter than conventional wood signs, making them a simpler material to deal with and install.

The following are the primary reasons why HDU has become the preferred substrate for carved signage:

  • HDU signage will not decay or deform like wood signs.
  • HDU will not dry out and fracture. Over time, even cedar signs fracture and dry out.
  • They are waterproof to the core.
  • Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Attractive range of finishes tailored to your brand.
  • Knot-free.
  • More character than the usual flat signs.
  • Strong, stable and rigid.
  • Signs can be one-sided or two-sided.
  • The most thicknesses are available.(1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 11/2″, 2″).
  • Available in any shape or size.
  • Any color, pattern, or style is available.

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