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Business Park Signs – Made for Customers and Staff – Hampton, VA

Business parks are bustling hubs of activity, with countless companies vying for attention and trying to stand out from their competitors. One of the most effective ways to grab attention and communicate a message is through well-designed signs. Here are some signs that really stand out in business parks:


  1. Large and bold: Signs that are big and bold are hard to miss. They grab people’s attention from a distance, and draw them closer to read the message. Whether it’s a towering monument sign at the entrance of the business park or a large banner promoting a sale or event, bigger is often better when it comes to signage.
  2. Unique shape: Unusual shapes can make signs stand out even more. Consider a sign in the shape of a product you sell or a mascot for your brand. These unique shapes can help your sign become more memorable and distinctive, increasing brand recognition.
  3. Creative lighting: Lighting can be a game-changer when it comes to signage. Illuminated signs can be seen day or night, and they make a big impact. There are many creative lighting options available, from LED lights to neon to backlit signs, all of which can help your sign stand out and get noticed.
  4. Contrasting colors: Choosing contrasting colors for your signage can make them pop and stand out from their surroundings. Bright, bold colors like red, yellow, and orange can be especially eye-catching. However, it’s important to make sure the colors you choose are consistent with your brand and message.
  5. Clear message: A sign that communicates a clear and concise message is more likely to grab people’s attention and stick in their memory. Make sure your sign has a strong and memorable call to action or headline that communicates your brand message or promotion.
  6. Interactive elements: Interactive signage can be a fun way to engage with your audience and create a memorable experience. Consider adding QR codes that direct visitors to your website or social media pages, or incorporating touchscreens or other interactive elements that allow people to interact with your brand in a unique and engaging way.

In conclusion, signs are an essential component of business parks and can make a huge difference in attracting customers and promoting your brand. By considering these six elements – size, shape, lighting, color, message, and interactivity – you can create signs that really stand out and help your business succeed.